Basic Information


  • LIMITED TO 150 COMPETITORS! You snooze, you lose.
  • All entries must be received by August 15.
  • Awards per IDPA guidelines, plaques for division winners, approximately one-third of shooters will place.
  • At least five guns to be awarded via random drawing!
  • Current IDPA membership and classification required; Novice class shooters will NOT be admitted!
  • Current IDPA rules will *strictly* apply.
  • All Divisions recognized.
  • $75 (US) Match fee includes a Saturday spaghetti lunch.
  • Back-Up Gun side stage with gun and ammo provided. Gun will be raffled among stage entrants!
  • Match booklet and stage information will be posted to the match website prior to the match.

Please feel free to e-mail Match Director Rick Breneman if you have questions, or would like additional information.

No unauthorized photography allowed.