Unless otherwise noted below, Northwest Section Clubs hold regularly-scheduled monthly pistol matches -  starting at 10am  - on:
1st Sun Custer & Mason County
2nd Sun Paul Bunyan
3rd Sun Marysville
4th Sun Renton
November thru February, we suggest that you have mail with or phone a Club Rep(s) before traveling any distance, as weather conditions can and do force the occasional un-planned cancellation not reflected in this Calendar…

From spring through fall (15 May-2 Oct), Mt. Rainer's Shadow will be holding a 3-4 stage USPSA match every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month. The match starts at 6PM and will include a classifier that will take advantage of Paul Bunyan's deeper and bigger bays. Check back here for exact dates.

Section Clubs occasionally conduct "USPSA-style" or other "special" matches (e.g. 3-Gun, concealed-carry) on 5th Sun's or in conjunction with their normal pistol matches. Refer to the Club Locator Map for club contact names & email addresses to enquire further...

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