The Northwest Section is a voluntary association of six Northwest Washington USPSA-affiliated Practical Shooting clubs in USPSA’s “Area I,” ranging from Puyallup in the south, to Custer in the north.

With six venues operating on a coordinated schedule, “Team Northwest” boasts regularly-scheduled USPSA pistol matches on the 1st Saturdays, 3rd Thursdays, and 1st-4th Sundays of every month…

For more information about the Northwest Section, we invite you to email the Section Coordinator or Section Information Officer.
NW Section Coordinator: Scott Pries

2017 NWS Championship Series

  • Mason County/Shelton - May 7th
  • NW Challenge at Renton - June 25th
  • Marysville - July 16th
  • Paul Bunyan - September 10th
  • Mt. Rainier's Shadow - August 1
  • Custer - September 2-3 WA State Match
  • News & Announcements

    • If you are signed up for the next RO Class - Please don't forget to send your check and application in. For more information email Tom Kettels
    • Club reps and club MD/RMs: Please remember to forward information about match DQs to Brian Noel as soon as possible after your club matches. If you know the details of the DQ, please include that in your email.
    • A reminder to competitors: Secure your vehicles at the match site.